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F-One Kites was founded in 1989 by professional windsurfer Raphaël Salles. He was among the first kiteboarding equipment manufacturers at a time when the only handful of people knew about the sport. Pioneering the sport in France, F-One has grown to become one of Kiteboarding’s biggest brands.

F-One’s flagship kite, the revolutionary Bandit kite is improved for 2017 with greater stability and less stall. New for the 2017 range is the Breeze lightwind specific kite for the light wind conditions. FOne foil kite Diablo is also offering unbeatable performance in light winds and kite racing. The F-One Acid twintip line is the ultimate weapon for newschool freestyle riders, available in Carbon, Lite Tech, Girls and Youth version. The F-One Foil line looks great and rides great. Check out the Mitu Monteiro Convertible, a truly one for all of the wave, strapless kitesurfing and foil riding.

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