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Flysurfer is one of the top brands offering high-performance racing and freeride kites. The brand is known for their superb foil kites, perfect for kitesurfing in light winds.

Flysurfer kites feature fun and quality with small pack size. The extremely light weight of the materials used to produce the kites, makes them relaunchable even at wind speeds as low as 5-6 knots. Speed4 Lotus is the lightest kite relaunchable from the water.

Flysurfer kites are seen on the water, land, ice and snow. Closed cell design that doesn’t require pumping, and the ability for self-launching, makes the set up quicker and allows the rider to spend more time on the board or in the buggie.

The weather combined with a twintip, raceboard or a foil board, the innovative design of the Flysurfer kites delivers outstanding upwind performance in the light and strong wind conditions.

Flysurfer is the only manufacturer testing their products in the wind tunnel to ensure high fly performance and durability. With high-density materials being water and dirt repellent, the Flysurfer’s product life expectancy outperforms the competition. The company also provides its customers with a free-repair warranty to ensure comfort and high-quality service.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder kite to enjoy kitesurfing, snowkiting or landboarding, Flysurfer is a perfect choice offering both foil kites and the L.E.I. (Leading Edge Inflatable) kites.

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