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Red Paddle CO has been making inflatable SUP boards since 2008. The company focuses on inflatable stand up paddleboards and dedicates all the efforts to produce the best products on the market.

Red Paddle CO specialises in inflatable boards with the most authentic feeling. To make the boards feel like a solid SUP, Red Paddle invented and patented the Rocker Stiffening System. The RSS stiffens the board to enable best SUP feel and high performance of the board. The innovation can make the board up to 50% stiffer than other inflatable SUPs. This allows the users to ride shorter boards and achieve faster speeds when SUP racing.

The brand focuses on efficiency and comfort. The compact size of the packed SUP makes travelling with the stand up paddle board much easier. The board bag is equipped with wheels as well as backpack straps and pockets for the convenience of travellers who like to take the SUP with them.

The Titan Pump allows pumping the board in half the usual time leaving you with more time to spend Just on the water.

The portability, high-quality durable materials and easy setup of the Red Paddle boards, makes them a perfect choice for those looking to explore new destinations with the stand-up paddle board, cruise or practice yoga on the SUP.

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