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Shinn boards are packed with the innovative designs and technologies. The boards are produced in Europe with the high-quality wooden core.

Shinn created boards with flex in the tips of the board but rigid in the middle what gives great pop and softer landings. Progressive concave in the base of the board, the constant curve in the rocker line and the huge lift make the riding experience smoother and more enjoyable. Hydro Flo 2 shaped boards feature multiple channels to generate more POP, more grip, less drag and less resistance.

Shinn boards are available in multiple widths. The increased width increases the surface area more than the increased length what improves the upwind performance, especially when riding underpowered, without compromising maneuverability.

For the strapless enthusiasts, Shinn offers Shinnster, an ultimate wave riding machine that combines the features of the slim kiteboard with the bigger surface area and fin placement of a directional board.

Shinn is represented by riders like Mark Shinn and Marek Rovinski Junior. The brand produces boards that perform great in freestyle hence their appearance in competitions like PKRA and Red Bull King of The Air. Shinn values quality and customer satisfaction and offers 2-year manufacturer warranty on all of the boards.