Code V1 – A ‘Pillow Through Chop’

With the help of 14 testers from all walks of kiteboarding, The Kiteboarder Magazine’s staff assembled themselves in La Ventana, Mexico for the largest and longest standing consumer review gear test in the kiteboarding industry. One of the products first up and much anticipated for the testers was our Code V1twintip board. After a successful first year on the market we are very proud and humbled by the fantastic response and and feedback we have been receiving from riders the world over. Our thanks to The Kiterboarder Mag crew who so diligently took this board to pieces and found only excellent, first-rate features.

Tkb Says:

“The Code is the first board Ozone brought to the market, yet the construction details and design indicate a well thought out combo of performance traits for all around freeride comfort. Testers mentioned that the Code would be a top candidate as one of the optimal boards to cross the chop-infested waters of the La Ventana channel in comfort. The Code features subtle rounded tips that help it cut through chop with minimal spray and the bigger sized fins coupled with the mild rocker helps the Code track upwind really well.”

“…the Code can be fun and playful, friendly for carving and easy to load and release for general jumping with forgiving landings. The truth is that Ozone….” read on to find out: TKB’s Code V1 Review

Their Testers Say:

“Ozone did an incredible job with their first try at board shaping. The Code is a pillow through chop and hard landings. This board makes cruising around effortless.” // Tib Anghel

“Found myself riding this board a lot when Ineeded a familiar ride to test kites. Really good all around fun board with no tip spray. Fun carving waves and handles chop great.” // Giuseppe Molinario

“I liked this board; it was easy on my joints and performed well for turns and chop. It would be a good board for someone who rides in chop and jumps and is looking for a soft ride with cushion.” // Jeff Waldberg

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