Kai Lenny never tires of surprising us …

MALOLO is a short visual film about Kai breaking the Maui to Molokai channel record, the Molokai to Oahu channel record, and Kauai Nepali Coast record on a Hydrofoil. Filmed and Edited by: Ryan Johnson Music: Woodkid

Kai Lenny is a true master of waves and water sports, being most likely the most versatile surfer on the planet and the successor to Laird Hamilton. Lately, the Hawaiian has been closely linked to the practice of foilboarding and, now, has released a short film that is a true anthem to this discipline.

For eight minutes, between incredible images, we can see Lenny’s trials and adventures on top of the foil and all the training and preparation that this involves. Yes, it seems very simple and easy to do, but that is a wrong idea. Malolo shows it perfectly, taking this practice to the next level. Unmissable!