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Starboard Futura Carbon Sandwich 2023

Introducing the Starboard Foil Freeride Starlite Carbon 2023 – a revolutionary windsurfing board that embodies the widestyle concept and continues to redefine the boundaries of the sport. Designed for both progressing and advanced windsurfers, this board is your gateway to mastering your first steps and experiencing exhilarating carve jibes.

Experience the thrill of windsurfing with the most advanced shapes and new sizes that the GO boards have to offer. The Starlite construction ensures durability and performance, making it a reliable companion on your windsurfing adventures.

With its widestyle design, the Starboard Foil Freeride Starlite Carbon 2023 offers maximum speed, comfort, control, and jibing precision. Experience the impossible with this contemporary evolution of the test-winning board that started the freerace craze. It combines the need for speed with unmatched maneuverability – perfect for the technical windsurfer in search of the ultimate thrill.

The Futura concept, rooted in the DNA of the iSonic series, is what sets this board apart. Its wide, moderately thin, and compact body provides the perfect balance of wind range, power, and controlled leverage over the fin. The optimized stance allows for longer and more confident fast runs, enabling you to reach your maximum potential with ease.

But that’s not all. The Starboard Foil Freeride Starlite Carbon 2023 boasts a range of features that enhance your windsurfing experience. The double step cutaways increase speed and efficiency, while the pronounced Vee bottom shape improves control and comfort through harsh chop and smooth flowing jibes. Thin rails make the board more maneuverable in rough conditions and provide a smoother ride during turns.

For the best performance, each Futura is supplied with a selected Drake Slalom DW fin. These top-end Ready to Race production fins bring out the true potential of the board, delivering impressive speed, acceleration, and exceptional jibing abilities.

But Starboard doesn’t stop there. They’ve taken sustainability into account as well. The Drake Slick footstraps are made with FSC-certified, sustainably sourced and plant-based Yulex foam, reducing carbon emissions by a staggering 80%. The lightweight footpads not only offer exceptional comfort but also minimize weight, ensuring a highly reactive yet comfortable feel while resisting wear-and-tear.

When it comes to construction, the Starboard Foil Freeride Starlite Carbon 2023 offers two options to suit your preferences. The Carbon Sandwich construction prioritizes ultralightweight performance. With a full T700 uni-directional flat-woven carbon bottom for maximum stiffness and a 60% carbon deck for optimized flex, this construction ensures an unbeatable ride. On the other hand, the Wood Sandwich construction provides a durable and comfortable option with its 0.6mm Australian Pinewood laminated deck. The 3mm PET core foam adds strength, and the entire board is wrapped in a resilient PVC sandwich for long-term durability.

Get ready to conquer the waves with the Starboard Foil Freeride Starlite Carbon 2023. Crafted for windsurfing enthusiasts, this board pushes the boundaries of performance and durability. Experience the excitement of freeriding, the precision of carve jibes, and the unbeatable speed that comes with the Starboard name. Upgrade your windsurfing journey with the best – the Starboard Foil Freeride Starlite Carbon 2023.

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