Starboard Foil X Freestyle 105 Carbon Reflex Sandwich

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Starboard Futura Carbon Sandwich 2023

Introducing the Starboard Foil X Freestyle 105 Carbon Reflex Sandwich, a windsurfing board that combines advanced technology with a timeless design. Designed to cater to both progressing and advanced windsurfers, this board is perfect for those looking to conquer new challenges on the water.

Featuring the iconic widestyle concept that kickstarted the modern windsurfing era, the Starboard Foil X Freestyle 105 takes inspiration from the legendary GO boards. With its innovative shapes and new sizes, this board continues to revolutionize the windsurfing experience. Now, with the all-new Starlite construction, you can enjoy enhanced durability and performance.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of windsurfing or perfecting your carve jibes, the Futura Carbon Sandwich 2023 is here to support your journey. Designed with impossible engineering in mind, this board delivers maximum speed, comfort, control, and jibing precision. It’s the ultimate freerace craze for technical windsurfers seeking the thrill of high-speed performance.

The Futura’s design features a wide, moderately thin, and compact body, providing optimal wind range and power. The reasonable thickness in the rails enhances controlled leverage over the fin, while the thinner profile at the mast track lowers the center of gravity for added control. With its optimized stance, you’ll experience longer and more confident fast runs. Unlock your maximum potential with this accessible and user-friendly board.

Not only does the Futura 105 impress with its performance features, but it also offers additional advantages. Double Step Cutaways provide added release and increased speed, while the Foil-Ready fin boxes allow for future foiling adventures. The pronounced Vee across the bottom ensures improved control and comfort through harsh chop, smooth flowing jibes, and a livelier ride. The Futura 105 is ready to race with the included Drake Slalom DW fin, known for its speed, acceleration, and jibing abilities.

Starboard cares about both performance and sustainability. That’s why the Drake Slick footstraps are made with FSC-certified, sustainably sourced, plant-based Yulex foam. These footstraps reduce CO2 emissions during manufacturing by 80%. The lightweight footpads provide a highly reactive and comfortable feel while minimizing weight. Their thermoformed diamond-grooved pattern offers grip and longevity.

When it comes to construction, the Carbon Sandwich option provides an ultralightweight build that emphasizes performance value. The bottom is crafted with T700 uni-directional flat-woven carbon for maximum stiffness, while the deck comprises 60% carbon layers arranged in a three-axis formation for optimized flex. Ultra-high density PET and PVC foam are incorporated into the composite sandwich layers for enhanced durability.

Alternatively, the Wood Sandwich construction offers lightweight boards with a reduced carbon footprint. Developed by Jean Louis Colmas, this technology brings back the unique crisp feel of an original Starboard. With a 0.6 mm laminated deck made from Australian pine, this construction increases impact strength while providing reflex sensations. The 3mm PVC sandwich wrap ensures long-term durability and that classic feel under your feet. Plus, the wood is protected from the sun’s UV impact.

Choose the Futura 105 Carbon Reflex Sandwich for an unforgettable windsurfing experience. With its advanced features, timeless design, and commitment to sustainability, this board surpasses expectations. Explore new horizons, master the art of windsurfing, and enjoy every moment on the water with the Starboard Foil X Freestyle 105 Carbon Reflex Sandwich. Upgrade your gear and embrace the windsurfing era with our remarkable product.


Flying onto the foil as quickly as possible was a primary Foil Freestyle design criteria. Deep cut-aways running down the rail encourage the board to glide faster, while reduced tail volume enhances foil activation. The result: you’re onto the foil early in light wind with little effort. Touchdowns can always get tricky, so we paid extra attention to ensure you fly confidently. The wide nose outline and foil-specific rocker line provide security and recovery. Progress is into the centre foot strap to practice your first jumps and freestyle moves is natural. As is the super stable stance while up hauling the sail. An exciting, versatile board with a compact, balanced shape.

On Land:

On land, the Foil Freestyle stands out with its portability. This board will fit in the smallest of spaces.

Extended length US-Box foil tracks allow foil tuning to suit experience, ride style and conditions.

Fully forward for more advanced, dynamic freestyle tricks, or tuning further to the back for a steady, smooth freeride feeling. All to play for.


The middle back footstrap on the 105  makes this board totally freestyle-friendly and easier if you’re a first time foil user. By keeping the back foot over the centre line and your front foot closer to the rail, it’s easier to stay in control and to keep the board from rolling side to side.


Even with the wind picking up from 15 to 25 knots or more and you switching to smaller sails, the Foil X keeps a steady path in the air.
This opens up a new world with a foiling style about freedom of flight.


The Drake foot straps are made from Yulex foam with the smoothest fabric for a comfortable feel. Under your feet, the 4mm footpads with a diamond grooving pattern will provide a connected feel while ensuring enough grip.



The Foil Freestyle is a compact foil board designed to foil with smaller, lighter sails.
You’ll get the most out of this board with more lifty and manoeuvrable foils like the Starboard Foil Freeride Evolution.
ModelVolumeLengthWidthTail WidthThicknessShapeFoil BoxesFoilsSail RangeWeight CRS
Foil Freestyle1051856356.112Flat Vee to Double ConcaveUS Box 10″x2TBA3.0-6.07.2 Kg


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