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Starboard Futura Carbon Sandwich 2023

Introducing the Starboard Kode Wood Sandwich 2023 – Your Ultimate Windsurfing Companion!

Are you ready to elevate your windsurfing experience to new heights? Look no further than the Starboard Kode Wood Sandwich 2023, the board that kickstarted the modern windsurfing era with its iconic GO boards. We’ve taken 22 years of windsurfing innovation and poured it into this incredible board, designed to help both progressing and advanced windsurfers conquer the waves with style and ease.

Experience the Widestyle Revolution:
The Kode Wood Sandwich 2023 carries the legacy of the GO boards, introducing the widestyle concept that transformed the windsurfing world. With advanced shapes and the all-new Starlite construction, this board is engineered for pure excitement on the water. Whether you’re craving playful wave riding or craving endless drive, the Kode delivers it all.

Unleash Your Inner Speed Demon:
With a focus on speed, agility, and control, the Kode series is your ticket to adrenaline-pumping windsurfing adventures. Take on onshore waves, power waves, or ride down the line with unmatched confidence. Explore the realms of freestyle and freeride like never before.

Versatility That Shines:
The Kode series boasts unmatched versatility, ensuring a confident and smooth ride even in choppy conditions. In wave mode, experience radical turns like never before, and do it with style. When the waves are flat, the included freeride fin maximizes your speed, making every session a blast. This board is your ticket to dominating onshore wave performance and excelling in freeride, freewave, and Bump & Jump sessions.

Performance-Packed Features:

Rounded Tails and Noses: Enhanced for radical turns and smooth wave riding.
Compact Shape: Large volume in a compact outline for easy wave riding.
Speed, Grip & Control: A fast rocker for maximum speed and a smooth carving arc.
Single Fin Configuration: Opt for the classic single fin setup for speed and directionality.
Thruster Fin Set: Elevate your wave performance with added maneuverability and grip.
Finboxes: Versatility without added weight for a quick setup.
Locked and Comfortable Stance: Enjoy premium Drake footstraps and 10mm thick footpads for comfort and control.
Smart Color Set-Up: Easily adjust your mast base and footstraps for different riding styles.
Eco-Friendly Construction:
Choose from the Carbon Sandwich or Wood Sandwich construction, both designed with an environmentally conscious approach. The Wood Sandwich, a flagship construction, offers comfort, control, and durability while reducing our carbon footprint.

Model Options:

Kode 85, 95, and 105 for faster, smoother, and snappier rides.
Kode 115, 125, and 135, the best large wave boards ever made for tackling challenging conditions.
The Starboard Kode Wood Sandwich 2023 is your passport to thrilling windsurfing adventures. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a board that’s as iconic as it is high-performing. Elevate your windsurfing game today with the Kode Wood Sandwich 2023 and make every wave count!

Get ready to ride the windsurfing revolution with Starboard. Choose the Kode, and let’s GO!roduct.

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85, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135


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