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Starboard Futura Carbon Sandwich 2023

Introducing the Starboard X-15 Carbon Reflex Sandwich, the pinnacle of windsurfing innovation. Building on the success of the iconic GO boards that revolutionized the sport 22 years ago, this board combines the widestyle concept with advanced shapes and the new Starlite construction.

Designed for both progressing and advanced windsurfers, the Starboard Futura Carbon Sandwich 2023 takes the freerace craze to new heights. It offers an impossible combination of maximum speed, comfort, control, and jibing precision. Get ready to experience a whole new level of windsurfing performance.

The Futura’s contemporary evolution is inspired by the hypersonic rocket-powered X-15 aircraft and the visionary mind of Jim Drake. Its aero design and convex nose ensure optimal performance in both up- and downwind racing. With a recessed mast track, deep cutaways, and back footstrap positioning, this board is all about speed and maneuverability.

But it’s not just about racing. The Futura also excels in freeride conditions, thanks to its ease of use and early take off. Whether you’re drag racing at your local beach or embarking on long-distance adventures, this board offers the perfect blend of power, control, and comfort.

The Futura is equipped with top-of-the-line features to enhance your windsurfing experience. The double step cutaways provide added release and increased speed, while the thin rails offer improved performance in rough conditions and smoother turns. The Drake Slalom DW fin delivers impressive speed, acceleration, and exceptional jibing abilities.

We’ve taken sustainability seriously in the construction of the Futura. The Drake Slick footstraps are made with Yulex neoprene, which reduces CO2 emissions during manufacturing. The lightweight pads provide a reactive yet comfortable feel, while the environmentally friendly Carbon Reflex Sandwich construction combines high-performance materials with an ultra-lightweight design.

For those looking for our most durable option, the Wood Sandwich construction is a classic Starboard original. The Australian Pinewood deck and PET core foam ensure durability, comfort, and a light board with a crisp ride feel. Embracing our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, this re-edition of a classic board offers the perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

Choose the Futura that suits your needs, with various volumes, lengths, and widths available. With a wide sail range and optimized weight options in both Carbon Sandwich and Starlite Carbon constructions, you can tailor your board to your preferences.

Experience the thrill of windsurfing like never before with the Starboard X-15 Carbon Reflex Sandwich. It’s time to take your windsurfing to new heights with the board that combines speed, control, and unbeatable performance. Get ready to dominate the waves and make your mark in the windsurfing world.

Starboard Futura Carbon Sandwich 2023

Break the Speed Barrier.

An unbroken record: To this day, more than 60 years after its first flight, the X-15 hypersonic rocket-powered aircraft remains the fastest crewed aircraft ever flown. Co-designed by Jim Drake, a technical pioneer who also significantly influenced windsurfing development, and left a huge footprint in Starboard design over the years. Jim’s philosophies and knowledge made it a pleasure to work with him. Our new Foil Slalom board, the X-15, flies fast and high. Ruthlessly efficient through the air. Ridden by the fastest out there. Just like its namesake.


Starboard’s popular GO family is fully updated for 2023. Six exciting new designs share the same optimised rail outline as our hugely successful Carve evolution, adding stability and confidence, while enhancing jibe capabilities. Our iSonic’s World title winning Gravity Control System contributes to an even better allround performance in the 2023 GO design; lowering the centre of gravity feels more locked in, stable and ready to accelerate with every gust. A more vertical rig position encourages better control, improves jibing performance by providing more rail pressure and ensures more grip, power and control while carving. The optional Drake Shallow centre fin helps you stay upwind and track in a straight line; great for intermediate conditions and progressing riders.

Slalom Racing
UP- & Downwind Racing
Ease of use
Early Take off



The side cutaways concept has been pushed to the max to allow enough speed in displacement mode to get on foil, so you can take off even before reaching planing speeds. The board is shaped like a water drop from the nose to the tail, reducing the drag from the water while also increasing aerodynamic efficicency. As a result, the board is very slippery and stable in the air.


A flat deck shape with no concave, but even a slight convex for highest efficiency. Wind flow over the board is with minimum resistance and allows for higher speed.


With an even more recessed mast track the center of gravity is lower and drastically increases your control. This way going into gusts or windholes unexpected board movements become easy to control.


The cutaways have been extended to decrease drag before take off and also to accelerate the transition into flight mode by quickly reducing wetted surface area as speed increases.n rails in the tail section with a smooth transition to the center make for effortless turning and plenty of grip.


For Slalom speed, the back foot position is further inside compared to upwind/downwind racing foil boards. Here we are at 79.9cm wide, which allows faster downwind and reaching speeds with a more comfortable position and reduced power on the back foot.


There are less impacts to absorb when foiling. In fact, there are none. So we’ve designed the pads to be extra thin for added control and kept the diamond grooves for the perfect grip.


The Drake footstraps are made with FSC-certified, sustainably-sourced and plant-based Yulex foam. With 85% natural rubber content, CO² emitted during the manufacturing process is reduced by 80%. The remaining 15% of synthetic neoprene is kept to improve UV resistance.




The Carbon Reflex construction is our lightest, proven flagship construction and has some of the lowest warranty rates in the industry. Using the lightest biaxial carbon provides more feel, more responsiveness and more controlled flex than conventional boards. On the water, this construction will provide you with ultimate performance. It delivers the most direct feedback from the foil and allows for quicker and more precise movements. With the Carbon Reflex construction you’ll start foiling earlier. For 2023 the Carbon Reflex is limited in stock, built to order with a custom delivery lead time.



The lighest and highest value performance technology. Thanks to its full carbon bottom and a deck built from 0.6mm Australian pine wood sandwich wrapped with Military grade-glass and laminated all with Bio Resin, Starlite Carbon offers an unprecendented level of high quality in a value package with excellent finish. Starlite Carbon technology feels especially crisp with extra high impact resistance on the deck.


ModelConstructionsVolumeLengthWidthTail WidthThicknessBottom Shape (Tail to Nose)Footstrap RowsFootstrapsFinFinboxSail RangeWeight Carbon SandwichWeight Starlite Carbon
X-15 78Carbon Reflex Sandwich / Starlite Carbon161 l210 cm78 cm75.9 cm14.5 cmFlat Vee to Double Concave14x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro OrangeWithout FoilFoil Box4.0 – 7.08.51 kg11.3 kg
X-15 85Carbon Reflex Sandwich / Starlite Carbon176 l210 cm85 cm82.3 cm14.5 cmFlat Vee to Double Concave14x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro OrangeWithout FoilFoil Box5.0 – 8.09.07 kg11.9 kg
X-15 91Carbon Reflex Sandwich / Starlite Carbon189 l210 cm91 cm88.9 cm14.3 cmFlat Vee to Double Concave14x Slick Straps Yulex Flouro OrangeWithout FoilFoil Box6.0 – 9.09.54 kgN/A

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78, 85, 91


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