Warranty information


All items are covered by a 2 year guarantee unless mentioned otherwise by the manufacturer. Please read individual manufacturer warranty information below.

Red Paddle Co

Manta Foils




Red Paddle Co 5 Year Warranty
How does it work? Red Paddle Co will be offering a 5 year warranty for each board bought from the 2020 range onwards. Just like the 2 year warranty offered on 2018 and 2019 boards, they will require the customer to register their warranty with Red Paddle Co via their website within 3 months of purchase to activate the extended warranty.  For the full terms and conditions please visit the Red Paddle Co Warranty Page!

Manta Foils 1 Year Warranty
Our warranty is limited to a period of 12 months from the shipping date of the related product order.Our equipment is designed for riders up to 95kg. above this weight, We can not guarantee its resistance / performance.
The warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, misuse, accidental or intentional damage.
For more informations, please visit the Manta Foils

F-one 2 Year Warrany
The warranty is valid only if the product is used under normal conditions of use and excludes the use for rental. Please read

North KB 1 Year Warranty
We have provided a straightforward and honest warranty procedure in order to ensure that the owners of North Kiteboarding products have an enjoyable and long-term experience.
Warranty covers new products purchased ONLY from an authorized center, retailer, distributor or from the website.
For more informations, please visit the North

Naish 1 Year Warranty
The warranty period begins at the point of purchase (receipt required) and covers all manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects are determined at Naish’s discretion. If a problem is deemed a valid warranty claim, Naish will decide whether to repair or replace the product. Read more…